Herbalife Basic Wellness Programme




Start your day the right way with the Herbalife Wellness Program. Ideal for people who are health-conscious but don’t always have the time to prepare three healthy meals each day. Scientifically formulated to provide the balanced nutrition you would expect to find in a complete meal, this Programme delivers high quality soy protein, healthy carbohydrates, dietary fibre, and a broad range of vitamins, minerals, and herbs for round-the-clock nutrition. Consider replacing one meal a day with a tasty Formula 1 shake to help provide your body with the nutrients it craves. Supplement your daily tea and coffee intake with Thermogenic Instant Herbal Beverage, an invigorating alternative packed with beneficial antioxidants.

– 1 x Formula 1, Nutritional Shake Mix

– 1 x Formula 2, Multivitamin Complex

– 1 x Fibre & Herb

– 1 x Formula 3, Protein Powder


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